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Bridport Review

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Bridport Museum

Museum1Charming, with a friendly welcome from the volunteer staff, the Bridport Museum, which is owned by a charitable trust, houses an eclectic collection of curiosities and historic objects. There are fossils aplenty, a mammoth’s tooth, any number of stuffed birds and animals as well as a loom and plenty of old rope. Bridport was and is famed, of course, for its rope- and net-making, and there are examples of the dreaded noose fashioned for the hangman and known by some of its unwilling customers as the ‘Bridport dagger’.


kids (and others) there’s a terrific dressing-up room.

All good stuff, but the joy of the museum lies in its 16th century building, and especially in the upstairs bay window which juts out into South Street, and has a stone seat, padded, which is one of best people-looking vantage points in the town.


Bridport Museum