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Day: March 18, 2019

Daniel Kemish

March 18, 2019 at 8:29 am | Music | bridportreview -

And Nashville came to Bridport. The country vibe was strong and good at the Electric Palace. The evening kicked off with Bridport’s No Country for Old Men, a train-track rhythm and tight guitar licks that set the mood. Headline act Daniel Kemish is a Nashville recording artist hailing from round the corner in Southampton, with Portugal and

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“Daniel Kemish”

Alison Lang Design

at 8:21 am | Market Stalls | bridportreview -

The shocking pink awning is the giveaway and promises a brighter world. Inside, Alison Lang, an illustrator and designer of international renown who has pitched her tent among us, sells her very classy tea towels, T-shirts and soaps. Alison is originally from Toronto, where she trained at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Canada’s

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“Alison Lang Design”


at 7:51 am | Shops | bridportreview -

Bridport’s great coaching inn has reopened after its makeover. Sam Barker is not impressed What were they thinking? What crossed their minds when they removed the block-coloured seating and replaced it with triangles? When they dispensed with the comfortable sofas? When they went for the black-tiled-mirror-prefaced-by-floral-array, like a thing you’d find in beauty parlour in 1980s Romford?

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