Oleo Body Care
West Street, north side

It took Olivia Chapman quite a while to find her vocation. She hated grammar school and left early; she travelled and worked for several years in the Far East; she bought and ran the Knapp Inn in Beaminster with her partner, Mike; she was employed variously as a cook, a child carer, a cleaner; and then, contemplating middle-age, she decided to study.

A part-time course in anatomy, physiology and massage was followed by a first-class honours degree in health science from Bournemouth University and a further course in advanced massage and aromatherapy. Now Olivia has a complementary business, selling natural skin, hair and body products which she herself blends, and offering aromatherapy massage. Her best-selling face cream is a national award-winner but it is Olivia’s calmness and warmth which is most valued by her clients.