Electric Palace 21 November 2015
BR Rating ****

By Jonah Corren

Everyone who’s ever been to a festival knows who these guys are. Not all of them can remember what they sound like, or why they loved them so much, but they know they did, and that’s why the Dub Pistols’ gig saw people making their way to Bridport from all across the county. And they were not disappointed.

Most notable in the band’s set were Dub Pistols classics such as Mucky Weekend, which the audience reacted to fantastically, singing along to the catchy lyrics. Another clear-cut favourite was Alive which featured a thumping bass line making dancing easy and enjoyable, and yet another catchy chorus which the audience were invited to sing part of, in a routine exercise which really showcased the group’s vast experience and talent. One really impressive brass-coordinated number included a selection of fantastic trumpet solos showing the breadth of the band’s repertoire and genre span.

Dub Pistols brought an infectious energy to the Palace with upbeat music given a creative edge by impressively fast and lyrical rapping from key vocalist T.K. Lawrence. Front man Barry Ashworth contributed his ever-powerful vocals and possibly even more powerful stage presence. These two MCs showed fantastic chemistry, backed up by brass, guitar and percussion. At one point Ashworth wore a pair of pink sunglasses borrowed from one of the audience, and I even caught the trumpet player doubling up his instrument as an air guitar. For the encore, T.K. entered the stage wearing a huge sombrero, with fake ammunition strapped to his chest.

After the set, Barry Ashworth could be found behind an impressive array of merchandise. “It’s been a mucky weekend,” he said. “Last night sold out, and tonight was just off the scale. Everyone was just rocking with us.”

If you do spot these guys on the line-up of a festival or doing a show nearby, they’re really worth a watch. But make sure you throw yourself into the experience as much as they do.