Davy's2Davy’s Locker
Unit 28A
Dreadnought Trading Estate
01308 456131
Open: Mon-Sat, 5am to noon

Most of Davy’s Locker’s business is supplying restaurants, with two full-grown vans and a tiddler criss-crossing Dorset with the catch. “When plaice are about, we sell two or three hundred kilos a week,” says Paul Wickham, one of the three partners. But visitors to their industrial-style premises looking for something for supper are welcome and bound to be impressed. Want a couple of good-sized lobsters for tomorrow? Hang on. Paul phones a vessel two miles out at sea. “Lobster. Got any? Right, we’ll have ’em.”

Or try their celebrated fish-pie mix. Keith Laver, the acknowledged ace with the filleting knife, will soon sort some out. Back in 2009, the chef at the Bull Hotel asked Davy’s Locker for a halibut to cook as part of a seafood festival. I want a big one, he ordered. And he got one: 140 kilos and 10-foot long. It took five grown men to lift it onto the slab and all day for the chefs to chop it into 600 portions.