Broadchurch Episode 6

9 February 2015
BR rating ***

By Alison Lang

A good episode. Danny’s father is virtually put on trial by young Tom’s lies. Tom, who has been siding with his father in the dock, returns to live with his mother. There is a touching turn-around scene when a big telling-off from his mum is actually welcomed by young Tom as it brings him back into the fold.

DI Hardy has the week off having a pacemaker installed and enjoying a return to familial harmony. Good to see him smile. Perhaps his heart trouble was exacerbated by a visit to the Bridport bus-station diner, staring at the hubcaps on the wall.

Having become an unreliable witness in the new storyline, Claire Ripley is left to fend for herself against (or with) her not-so-ex, Lee Ashworth, and the episode ended with her destroying evidence of a connection with the dead girl as she burns a photo of herself wearing the dead girl’s pendant.

The evidence has gone but not before DS Miller has seen it.

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Broadchurch – Series 2

Broadchurch5 January 2015
BR rating ****
By Alison Lang

The much-anticipated second series takes up the story from where it left off, but this is far from a rehash. We are on a different tack with the old characters credibly changed by the harsh events of the first series.

The first episode of Series 2 begins with a fleeting and poetic introduction to a new storyline and to a past case involving DI Alex Hardy (David Tennant). We soon find out what brought him to Broadchurch in the first place and why he stayed. We are ushered into a courtroom drama in which each character tellingly behaves in a particular way. DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) runs in late, in a state. She admits feelings of guilt to her analyst while her husband, who we assume is guilty, changes his plea in the dock to not guilty, much to the surprise of his original QC, who promptly stands down. It’s a colossal shock to the family of the young victim, Danny, and the townspeople packed in the courtroom.

Now a battle has begun and two tough and clever antagonists slug it out as defence and prosecution counsel: Sharon Bishop (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and the embittered Jocelyn Knight (Charlotte Rampling).
When Knight, who was born in Broadchurch and has returned, steps out of a landmark West-Bay house to have a beach meeting with her nemesis and former pupil, we spy dramatically over the cliff tops at their tiny figures. And who are we, watching from the verge?

It’s wonderful to see the main character, West Bay, in all its glory again, this time through the lens of the photography director, Jon Conroy. Apparently he swam in the sea at West Bay every morning at 6am before each day’s filming.

Clearly he was inspired, and so was the creator and writer, Chris Chibnall, who is in complete control, full of seamless tricks with spare dialogue one minute, and rivers of words the next.
Broadchurch, Welcome back!

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