The Loft

Loft2The Loft
Antiques; Oriental Sculpture and Artefacts
The Old Assembly Rooms
Gundry Lane
Bridport DT6 3RL
07885 275516
Open: Mon-Sat 9-5 (“If the sign’s out there”)

Loft3Climb the wooden steps to The Loft with care and enter the weird world of Ray Poole, bon viveur, expert in Buddhist sculpture and proprietor of an emporium of eclectic and ancient curiosities. “Wow, it’s like the inside of my head in here,” said one visitor. He should see a psychiatrist. Loft1Most of Ray’s business is online these days, selling Buddhist and Hindu artefacts and antique wallpapers, but he still makes monthly runs to France in his van to stock up with anything old that attracts his practised eye. His oldest items are a Palaeolithic flint and an Ancient Egyptian statue of Isis.

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Nina143 South Street
Bridport DT6 3NY
01308 422794
Open: 9-5 Mon-Sat; half-day Thursday

Admire the colour and variety of the fruit and vegetables displayed by Nina Judd outside her estimable shop; stop inside for a chat, for Nina loves a laugh and a gossip; but don’t forget to venture to the back of the store to find her wide range of local products. As a single mother with gumption, Nina started her business over a decade ago. Like its owner, it flourishes. Nina sources her fruit and Nina2vegetables, fresh daily, from local growers and the market in Southampton. Free-range eggs from a farmer in Axminster are her best seller. She also sells baskets of fruit as gifts or prizes, Christmas trees and holly wreaths.

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Instant ReDress

Magic143 East Street
Bridport DT6 3JX
01308 420077
Open: 10-5 Mon-Sat; except Thurs 10-1

Magic3Gillian Crump, who used to manage Woolworths in Dorchester, came to Bridport and established a shop in Barrack Street selling nearly-new clothes. Then she had what she calls her “light bulb moment”. People in Bridport love to dress up and love a party, so… in came the Elvis costumes, the pirates, the unspeakable toilet-seat novelties, the best-selling zombie outfits and all the ghoulish gear for Hallowe’en. In July 2014, she relocated to East Street and premises where there’s room to move, room to laugh. When Bridport Review visited, a customer was looking at the stock open-mouthed. “Incredible, amazing,” she said. And so it is. Good value, too: men’s evening suits hired for £25.

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