Public First Meeting Update

Last Friday’s meeting, 20 February 2015

By the numbers…

231 people attended at the Electric Palace

All but two voted in favour of West Dorset District Council moving from Cabinet to Committee form of government

Overwhelming majority of those present voted in favour of initiating a study into the pros and cons of having a unitary authority

Overwhelming majority in favour of holding council meetings in the evening to allow people in work to participate

  • Public First Group will be in Bucky Doo Square from 10am this Saturday collecting signatures for their petition for a referendum to change West Dorset’s system of government.
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Democracy First, Public First

Public FirstPUBLIC MEETING Electric Palace, Friday 20 February, 7pm

When Public First, the group that campaigns for greater democracy in West Dorset, held a public meeting in Dorchester on 7 January, 270 people attended. Now the people of Bridport have a chance to air their views. We invited Public First’s secretary, John Grantham, to explain what it is all about.

Do you really know what’s happening in your West Dorset District Council? Do things ever ‘happen’ before you learn about them? Do you feel consulted and listened to? Do you know about the council’s new Tri-partite agreement with two other districts? Do you miss the Community Link newspaper that used to come from the District Council to all residents with news of its activities? Were you consulted and listened to over the District Council placing their new multi-million-pound offices on top of one of Dorchester’s two largest car-parks? Are you in favour of entering your car registration number when you buy a parking ticket? Do you sigh when you see in the local papers some of the things that happen, some of the unexpected costs? Are you tired of party-political bickering when really serious issues face us locally? And would you like to know more?

Many desperate needs in our local society need to be addressed. We need to be able to think independently. And in many ways we need to reverse the relationship with councils: they are there to serve us, not we them.

Public First Group is a non-party-political organisation where Democracy trumps any party affiliation. Join us in Bridport at our next meeting and see what happens. Look out for street-posters for details. For most of the meeting, it will be the public that speaks. You have your say… (To see film clips of what happened at the Dorchester meeting go to and click on ‘Meetings’). Additionally, all five prospective parliamentary candidates have agreed to attend and debate, including Oliver Letwin.

Consider signing the petition, just launched, to obtain a referendum on whether to change West Dorset District Council’s governance from its Cabinet-based system to a Committee system, which would enable ALL councillors to be involved in policy-making and not just the six-person Cabinet, all from one party. For a petition form go to and click on ‘Petition Form’.

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