Willie and The Bandits

Bridport Arts Centre
6 February 2016
BR Rating *****
By Jonah Corren

Once again, Wille and The Bandits displayed why they have become such a highly regarded band. Their unique mix of bluesy, mellower beats and up-tempo rock music has sent them all across the continent, and it remains a privilege that time after time they light up the Bridport music scene.

As always, the sound the Bandits produced was fantastically powerful. Songs such as Chillout, Forgiveness and Virgin Eyes threw the crowd into the inescapable ambience, whilst inspiring some often frenzied dancing. One particularly notable tune was Angel, a long, varied instrumental that allowed each of the three band members to showcase their talents. These numbers were well balanced out with slower, more delicate songs such as I Want To Watch You Grow; an excellently written tribute to Wille’s daughter that sported some catchy and melodic percussion.

It was clear how much fun the band were having, breathing in the atmosphere and throwing it back out into their music. Front man Wille Edwards used his voice as an effective instrument, particularly on emotive songs such as Angel and Forgiveness. In Mammon, an exceptional number about the dangers of materialism, all three band members came to the front of the stage, and their passion and conviction shone through in their interaction with each other and their instruments.

After the show I caught up with Willie beside the band’s selection of merchandise, and asked about how he’d enjoyed the evening. ‘There’s been a great atmosphere and great energy,’ he said. ‘It’s always a pleasure to play in Bridport.’

Despite adverse weather, a sizable crowd turned up to witness the spectacle that Wille and the Bandits always deliver. Here is a band that only gets stronger every show they play and build up a bigger fan base everywhere they go. If they come around again they are truly a must see, and Bridport will be lucky to remain one of their favourite venues.

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Willie and the Bandits

Bridport Arts Centre
Saturday 6 February 8pm
Tickets: £12

Willie plays slide guitar and leads the vocals, Andy’s on drums and Matt on six-string bass and double bass, but they all switch and mix as they bash out their celebrated live sets of blues rock. ‘Love the soul in their music,’ said Bob Harris.

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Martin Maudsley

Martin MaudsleyStory Café
Bridport Arts Centre
Friday 18 September 7.30pm
Tickets: £7/£5

Martin Maudsley, the renowned and charismatic storyteller who has recently moved to the Bridport area, brings Wayland the Smith, a stirring Norse saga, and other tales of transformation to the Arts Centre café.

Suitable for adults and older children.


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Sean Hughes – Mumbo Jumbo

Sean_Hughes_foto_London-Calling-part-2-715x834Bridport Arts Centre
Thursday 10 September 2015
BR Rating ***

By Caitlin Appleton-Scott

A 49-year-old Irishman with a mind led to mischief by mumbo jumbo, a faltering libido and a talent for lip-syncing to Morrissey.

For a teenager, it was all too easy to feel left out by the middle-aged in-jokes, such as having a 10- minute after-dribble of urine whenever you’ve been to the toilet.

But by the second half, once most of the audience had spent a penny and begun to season their underwear, and expectations of back-spasming laughter had been lowered, it was a pleasure to simply enjoy the charm of this weirdly endearing man, sharing the most intimate aspects of his life with complete strangers.

We saw various glimpses of the embarrassments and regrets which the mumbo-jumbo side of his brain has lead him to; an interpretation of what it’s like to go dancing when you’re not as young as you used to be; and heard snippets from his book, My Struggle to be Decent, which were as funny as they were despairing.

Most impressive, though, for this young reviewer, was the discovery that we were in the same room as a man who had once been serenaded at sunrise by Robert Smith.

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Sean Hughes – Mumbo Jumbo

Bridport Arts Centre
Thursday 10 September 8pm
Tickets: £13/£11

Stand-up comedian, writer and actor, Sean Hughes is a man of many parts. In 1990 he won the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival. He has been a team captain in Never Mind the Buzzcocks as well as starring and appearing in films. His current show reflects his lifelong battle to stay on the right side of sanity. There’s mumbo jumbo and common sense, and good old mumbo jumbo usually has the edge.

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