Old books3Bridport Old Books
11 South Street
Bridport DT6 3NR
01308 425689
Open: Mon-Sat 10-5

First impressions, if not first editions, are offered on the table outside, where passers-by are persuaded to peruse by an enticing selection of books priced to please. Inside, the old-book smell and the comfort of stacked shelves are just right. The owners, Caroline Mactaggart and Rosie Young, have as much character as their stock. “Don’t push us; just record us,” Caroline instructed. Very well. But Rosie, who was brought up in Charmouth, has an exotic past: she was one of the Biba twins that decorated the Swinging Sixties, and she gave Anna Wintour her first leg up in the fashion world. So how come she is in Bridport selling books while the Wintour Queen is running Vogue in New York? Because, like Caroline, Rosie is a true bibliophile and, as she says, “I always had my heart in Dorset.”
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Allan, relaxing among the books…