Bridport Wildcats Update

The Bridport Wildcats have produced a video documenting their project. Click here to view the original Bridport Wildcats article.

Click on the link to view:

There is also a display of photographs in the Bridport library. The Wildcats plan to hit the streets again for the Rope Fair on 10 May.


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Fairport Convention

BR Coming SoonElectric Palace

Saturday February 28 7.30pm

Tickets £21 + bf advance /£23 door

From Bridport TIC on 01308 424901 or online

By Alison Lang

Last year this legendary band re-named themselves Bridport Convention, if only for one night. They certainly felt at home. It’s complicated but basically two of the band members are from the original line-up, Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg. The others are also dyed-in-the-wool Fairport and bring original material and equal passion, as well as the wood and the wire, a stringed instrument that is louder than laughter, brighter than fire.
Fairport Convention
During last year’s concert, they complained that lazy journalists who didn’t understand them dubbed them a folk-rock band. So let’s call them a rock-folk band. Either way, they are rightly credited with starting a very English folk-rock movement and remain at the pinnacle of it.

Part of the band’s heart is new and beats in the person of Chris Leslie, who joined in 1996. He is lead vocal, plays magical fiddle and mandolin and, along with Nigel Stonier provides the main source of the band’s new material.

  • Read our review on Sunday 1 March
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Public First Meeting Update

Last Friday’s meeting, 20 February 2015

By the numbers…

231 people attended at the Electric Palace

All but two voted in favour of West Dorset District Council moving from Cabinet to Committee form of government

Overwhelming majority of those present voted in favour of initiating a study into the pros and cons of having a unitary authority

Overwhelming majority in favour of holding council meetings in the evening to allow people in work to participate

  • Public First Group will be in Bucky Doo Square from 10am this Saturday collecting signatures for their petition for a referendum to change West Dorset’s system of government.
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Bridport Gossip

Sideways GlanceIn the first of a series on the deadly sins of dear old Bridport, Gill Capper considers


There was this bloke, mentioning no names, who was punched, in The Woodman, by the husband of the woman he was having an affair with who was wearing chinos and a blue check shirt. Then Tom, (or Dick or Harry) saw a bloke in a blue check shirt in Bucky Doo and overheard him saying, “he has got no shame”, and told the Woodman regulars so next time blue-check-shirt went in The Woodman everyone was going, “Is it him then? Is it him?” It wasn’t.

How very Bridport. A total non-story that had obviously gone through the wringer in the Chinese Whispers laundromat a dozen times before it reached me because, apparently, it happened in The George. But that is gossip for you. It’s a vice. And that is why, on January 1 this year, I gave it up.

Well, I tried. I was severely tested. For the past month I have been assailed by people trying to tell me scurrilous stories, and insisting that I promise (as presumably they promised) not to breathe a word. I’ve got a tension headache from the effort of not passing it all on – which is why I’m going to leak this: one involved a minor celebrity doing unspeakable things with a frozen parsnip. Yes! I know!

Gossip is thoroughly enjoyable, unfortunately, and that is probably why there are so many ways of rationalising it. As in: look, we’re not malicious rumour-mongering. We’re dealing with the truth. If someone says that Mary, Jane or Pete are vain, competitive, neurotic, that they spit when they eat or never get a round in at the bar, well come on, yes, they are like that. (Hmm…)

Or this: we’re not tittle-tattling, we are observing. And then discussing our observations (with the rest of the coven who gather in Bridport Old Books on market days) in an attempt to learn more about human nature and increase our tolerance of difference and compassion for our fellow men. (Hmm…)

Only yesterday, I went into town and within half an hour I had learnt of two deaths, one birth, a holiday that ended in tears, a row with an ex-daughter-in-law, a complaint about a barking dog and a botched varicose-vein operation. And I have to say, I did feel stimulated and enriched and I went home thinking in clichés about ’the rich tapestry of life’ and all that.

So, what can you do? Because, to further complicate matters, there is only one way to survive in Bridport and that’s to pretend to yourself that although you are always talking about other people, nobody is talking about you. If you don’t, you end up spending half your time feeling paranoid and wishing you lived in a shepherd’s hut in the middle of a field; which defeats the object of living in such a lovely, friendly little community, albeit one where everybody’s second sentence is, “I’m very fond of so-and-so, but…”

Perhaps those admirable people who never gossip simply aren’t that interested in other people. Perhaps the ones who “never have a bad word to say about anybody” are just trying to karmically deflect fate so they don’t get talked about. Or perhaps they are just very nice people, (which makes me feel inadequate which is why I am very fond of them but…)

I know. Let’s start a Slow Gossip movement; fresh, organic, locally-sourced, benign and kind and free from the poisons of spite, self-righteousness, unholy glee, contempt, complaint and carping.
No? OK then, I am going back to bed for the rest of February, with my book. But honestly…I’m telling you… that Mrs Bovary… have you heard…?

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Yoga Space

yoga-space-logoBridport’s only dedicated space for Yoga opened in January.

Caroline Meredith checks it out

The converted barn that used to be the Estate Office for Symondsbury Estates has been converted once more into an excellent yoga space. It has polished wooden floors and walls, a high ceiling and is light and sunny (when it shines). A bonus is the view of Colmers Hill. Best of all, it is always WARM, even for the early morning classes. That is so important for stretching our bodies. (Useless but interesting fact: we stretch up to 16% more when our bodies are warm.)

All yoga props are supplied – mats, blocks, blankets and so forth, so you can just turn up to one of the many classes held through the week. Follow the pink Yoga Space signs from the main road for about half a mile, go past the concrete buildings and you will find it. Parking is plentiful. Classes are £10 but if you get a Yogapass costing £40, classes are £8.

Check out the website for class times:

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